Smart Metering

Your way to turn consumption data into new business opportunities

Boost your efficiency and create value added services


The energy sector is highly competitive with pressure to innovate to reduce costs and meet Net Zero targets. Smart meters increase the efficiency and reliability of energy networks and enable new value-added services for consumers and industry participants, leveraging real-time energy consumption data. But as collecting consumption data becomes simpler and cheaper, managing the IoT connectivity required for smart meters remains a source of complexity – until now.


Take your smart metering solutions to the next level of efficiency, helping you make better use of advanced analytics and automation to improve demand forecasting, supply generation and acquisition, safety, and security, as well as enabling predictive maintenance and reducing leakage.


1NCE’s disruptive pricing, security and flexibility enables you to drive costs down whilst benefiting from the most advanced technology and the right solution architecture for your unique needs.

Your way to create business innovation through smart meters:

1. Define your connectivity goals:

Connecting your meters creates new opportunities for your company to enhance your services, gain business insights, improve business processes or differentiate your offerings. Explore how IoT connectivity can energize your business:


  • Reduce your operating costs through remote monitoring of your installed utilities.
  • Increase the transparency in your billings for all ecosystem players by providing accurate, up-to-the-minute production and consumption data.
  • Gain maximum flexibility by automatically adapting your pricing schemes and tariffs in order to match seasonal and off-peak demand.
  • Enable new business opportunities for new energy by making it easier for them to buy and sell energy to other stakeholders.
  • Reduce your energy costs by gaining near-real time information about your energy consumption and enable automation of your consumption based on fluctuating energy costs.
2. Smart Metering solutions:

Traditional metering solutions often suffer from connectivity issues, posing obstacles to your business processes. The 1NCE IoT Flat Rate provides you with best in class IoT connectivity – specially designed to fit best your smart metering solution, including features like:


  • Cutting-edge NB-IoT connectivity, providing good indoor and in ground coverage capabilities, making it very suitable for smart meters in basements.
  • Modern LPWA technology ensuring long battery lifetimes and long maintenance intervals, most suitable for built in smart meters at locations hard to reach.
  • Unrivalled low prices of $10 for 10 years of connectivity enabling you to deploy profitable value added services.
  • Easy-to-understand pricing model with one tariff only making it easier for you to get control over a big number of meters deployed.
3. Get Your SIM Cards:

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Empowering your growth

1NCE offers a disruptive IoT connectivity product that allows you to connect your storage tanks faster, easier and more transparent than ever before – at a price you wouldn’t believe.


The unique 1NCE IoT Flat Rate offers 10 years of low-bandwidth, multi-modal connectivity for a flat price of $10. Whether you want to improve your ongoing business operations or start a new growth story – 1NCE delivers the simple connect-and-forget solution to empower your business.


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Connectivity as a feature


Adding 1NCE connectivity to your products makes them a gateway for innovation and additional services – allowing you and your customers to generate new revenue streams. With 1NCE Embedded Connectivity you are now able to directly integrate IoT Connectivity as a default feature into your product and sell it as pre-connected device.